23 November 2011

Stylish Kids: Joyess Threads and Designs

I've been doing some research for an article I put together for the gorgeous My Little Jedi online magazine, and came across these great children's clothes by Jess Walsham from Joyess Threads & Designs. Yes, the same Jess that  is also an amazing photographer, creates beautiful children's rooms (see Jess' son's nursery here), designs amazing party printables (see Jess' Little Man stationery design here) and styles parties too (see Jess' son's party here). Is there nothing Jess can't do?

Did your Mum ever make you a special Christmas dress? Mine certainly did and it was a masterpiece of candy-cane fabric, red and green ribbon trim and big bows.

These two-piece summer outfits, dresses, singlet tops and t-shirts are handmade by Jess in Sydney and oh-so-perfect for Christmas. Think present-opening, lazy lunch with family and friends, visiting relatives, Christmas carols, tree-lighting, church, and any photo-taking opportunity.

You can find Joyess Threads on the Facebook page where you can order directly from Jess, and at the Babushka Market next Wednesday 30th November 2011, Bangor, NSW.

Images: Joyess Images

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  1. Can't sleep at night... definitely one thing I can't do!


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