7 November 2011

Bondville Loves - online shopping for Christmas

A good friend of mine posted this morning on Facebook asking for some tips on where to shop online for Christmas. I have that one covered, I thought.

I forwarded her the link to the Bondville Loves shopping directory of Australian online shops and designers, and thought I would share it with to you too. The Bondville Loves shopping directory is a members-only advertising directory that opens twice a year. Here are the current members with links to their online stores:

Kids Fashion:
Cheeky Chickies
Off The Peg
Kids Avenue

Childrens' Shoes and Accessories:

Stationery & Prints:
Jennifer Kate
KatyJane Designs



Childrens' Gifts and Products:
Design Child

Nursery Decor: 
The Hip Infant 

Childrens' Sleepwear:
Eeni Meeni Miini Moh / e3M

Favourite Toys
Purple Turtle Toys

Maternity Clothes / Pregnancy
Maternal Bliss

Fertile Mind

Kids Portrait Photography:
Milk & Honey Photography

Thank you for supporting Australian online stores this Christmas season. Happy online shopping!

PS - membership opens for the Bondville Loves page on 1st December 2011 for 1st January 2012 start. For more info, head over to the advertising page, and sign up for the Bondville Media mailing list here.

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