10 October 2011

Sydney For Kids: Cattai National Park

This weekend heralded a major achievement for us as a family - our first camping trip with the kids. And it got four tiny thumbs up!

Camping was a favourite activity for us pre-kids and we've been chomping at the bit to take them away for a weekend. Cattai National Park, just 55 km north-west of the Sydney was a great choice - not too far to travel to, lovely large flat camping areas with undercover shelter, good hot showers and decent bathroom facilities, fireplaces and right on the Hawkesbury River.

There was abundant wildlife - lots of kangaroos feeding right near our tent, dozens of Crimson and Eastern Rozellas, Corellas and all the more common Aussie favourites. We saved a long-neck turtle from imminent squashed-ness on the road and made a mental note to get the updated Slater Field Guide To Australian Birds to identify all the species we spotted. There was even a nice children's playground with swings, slide and climbing equipment.

We braved a decent storm with lashings of hail, but eventually had to jump into the car and head to nearby Windsor, NSW to warm up and dry off at the local pizza joint. No complaints there! It dried up enough to head back and make our own version of smores with marshmallows and choc wheaten biscuits that were almost the highlight of our trip. We'll be back for more :)

Images: Steph Bond Hutkin

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  1. We keep meaning to take Nelle camping, but never seem to do it! You're a champion mother :)


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