31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Did you get any early bird trick-or-treaters last night? Now that our little ones are old enough, we put a tiny bit of effort into Halloween this year. We used Pilgrim Lee's great Halloween printables for a small gathering to celebrate our friend's birthday and I baked a creepy chocolate cake, covered in chococlate-coated pop rocks and topped with a googly eyeball.

I repurposed Pilgrim's treat box into a round paper lantern (with glass and tea light inside) for the front steps, strung up the bunting, and attached the round toppers to bamboo skewers to line the pathway to the front door. I had my basket of goodie bags ready by the door.

But we only got one set of kids trick-or-treating! We might get a few older kids tonight. Did anyone come by your house? Or did you turn off the lights and pretend no-one was home?

Images: Steph Bond Hutkin


  1. So cute!! My middle children went to Halloween disco on Saturday night, they had a blast!! Love Posie

  2. Love the cake Steph!
    My boys attended a fab Halloween party this afternoon (thanks Camilla), and we took along a plate of very 'spooky' meringues.......boo!
    Taken by surprise with some kids at the door upon our return, and handed out blueberries, as not prepared with sweets...oops!

  3. Wow! The cake is scary,I love it!!


  4. Happy Halloween! Totally willing to eat any leftover cake or candy if you want to post it up to Brissie ... :)

  5. You're a champion for doing all that. My 5 yr old took a sudden interest at 4pm and we had to race around the shops buying lollies, trying to find a pumpkin to carve (couldn't believe they were charging $70!), scratching around for last minute decorations. Then we had about 50 kids drop in between 4-7pm until we ran out of lollies and had to turn them away. Will be better prepared next year and get into the spirit properly.


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