26 October 2011

Halloween Treats

I kind of have a confession to make. I've been squirreling away three quarters of all the kids' party goodie bags this year, collecting a mountain of lollies. And now I'm going to give them away to other people's children. Oh the guilt!

We get a lot of trick-or-treaters in our neighbourhood, so this year for Halloween we are going to gussy up the entrance to our place with Halloween decorations, dress up in costumes, answer the doorbell and give out these little treat bags that the girls and I made today.

Super-easy and super-cute. You'll need some clear gift bags (from an art store), brads or stapler (I need to get a stapler...), and these editable Halloween place card printable designs from the fabulous Pilgrim Lee. Fill the bags with a few lollies. Print the designs on paper, cut, fold, and staple the folded paper to the top of the bag. You can customise your message too.

Are you taking the kids trick-or-treating? Or are you going to turn off the lights and pretend no-one is home (he he he).



  1. Huge in our suburb. I'll have to get some treats organised. I never know how many, so wen I run out I turn the lights out put the crazy poodles in the cupboard and hide!

  2. Not sure! but I love your idea of squirreling away all those lollies hee hee ;)


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