25 October 2011

Australian Artist Spotlight: Tali Gal-on (Milk and Cookies)

Please meet Tali Gal-on, a multi-talented animator, designer, illustrator as well as short film writer and director based in Melbourne. Let's have a look at some of her great art prints under the Milk and Cookies banner that would work beautifully in a child's special space.

How great to find art that's equally great for BOYS! (that's not a racing car or fire truck). That little guy jangling on his guitar is super-cool (and I bet the big people in the house would like this one too). I must love Tali's bears - I've just realised that I've chosen three of them to showcase here. She does a good bear.

Apart from art prints (printed on beautiful archival fine art paper), Tali also has a range of greeting cards, button badges and (this one is also nifty thrifty) - a 2012 calendar. I'm a huge fan of calendars, especially as they have great re-use value. Once the month is over, simply trim off the dates and pop that fella in a frame, and you then have twelve gorgeous prints to pop all over your house (or together on one wall -  yum).

So! Head over to Tali's etsy store Milk and Cookies to pick up some art for gifts, or yourself. Thanks Nomuu for the introduction!

Images: Tali Gal-on


  1. Very cute Steph. Love all these inspirations for kids' rooms. Also I have awarded you a Versatile Blogger award in my post today. Well deserved.

  2. Great idea on the calendar! Will have to check out this etsy store :)

    My fave is the rabbit with the carrot ... Lovely!

  3. Those prints are full of happiness!


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