2 October 2011

Sydney ABCD Meetup Spring 2011 - look who came!

Twenty-nine creative souls converged upon The 3 Weeds in Rozelle last night for our quarterly ABCD (art + blog + craft + design) meetup. We nibbled, we chatted, we speed-dated (kind of... without the dating part), we imbibed and we packed the famous goodie bag chock-full of things to remember each other by (check next post). Come and see....

Kate (Another Donkey Design) and Anni (Milk & Honey Photography)

Steph (Over It! and Moobear Designs), Saffron (Saffron Craig) and Sophie (Scoops Design)

Kareena (MOHE), Sasha (Faint Impressions), Maja (Polli) and Anna (Polli)

Some of our 'party' girls: Pauline (Sophisticated Yum and The Party Studio), Vesna (My Little Jedi), Tanya (Life's Little Celebrations) and Leanne (Mrs A In The Cove and Sweet Style)

Melinda (Georgica Pond), Nina (Puka Puka) and Gaby (Love To Celebrate)

Tara (Dudley Redhead), Tessa (Down That Little Lane), Melinda (Georgica Pond)

Lisa (the red thread) and Kirsten (Prints Charming)

Tara (Dudley Redhead) and our nifty decoders for our get-to-know-you activity

The 3 Weeds, Rozelle, NSW

The ABCD meetup goodie bags and those shoes! (via Kirsten from Prints Charming)

Pauline (Sophisticated Yum and The Party Studio), Vesna (My Little Jedi)and Tanya (Life's Little Celebrations). Gaby (Love To Celebrate) listening intently.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and made it a great evening. We learned lots about each other from our day jobs to our dreams. (and someone needs to test the water in Balgowlah where a disproportionate number of attendees reside!). It wouldn't have been the same without: Kate (Katie Crackernuts), Tessa (Down That Little Lane), Lisa (the red thread), Saffron (Saffron Craig), Sophie (Scoops Design), Melinda (Georgica Pond), Anna (Polli), Maja (Polli), Roberta (Rowantree Design), Tanya (Life's Little Celebrations), Kate (Another Donkey Design), Leanne (Mrs A In The Cove and Sweet Style), Kirsten (Lilypad Designs), Amanda (Amanda Fuller Designs), Jenny (Paper Lion), Tara (Dudley Redhead), Kirsten (Prints Charming), Kareena (MOHE), Sasha (Faint Impressions), Steph (Over It! and Moobear Designs), Gaby (Love To Celebrate), Pauline (Sophisticated Yum and The Party Studio), Vesna (My Little Jedi), Anni (Milk & Honey Photography), Nina (Puka Puka), Amy (Badskirt), Lyndal (Tea Plus), and Helen (Paper Poetry).

Thank you for coming! See you late January 2012 for something a little special :)


  1. Thanks so much Steph for all your efforts & a fab 'debrief' of the night! Much appreciated..

  2. Nice photos, keep on posting...

  3. Was so wonderful to be invited to be part of ABCD, we will both have to come to the next "do"

  4. Tara and Kirsten - wonderful to see you both and looking forward to January :)

  5. So many wonderful women! There would have been lots of laughs, networking and business ideas hatched!x

  6. Looks like a lovely time, sorry to have missed this one... hope to be at the next.
    Mel@Paperklip xx


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