9 September 2011

Stylish Kids: Pippa Little & Little Miss Pippa

What do you get when you combine a dash of old-school style with a bubbly personality and a little bit of sunshine? You get the gorgeous new collection of clothes for girls 6 months to 12 years from Pippa Henderson of Pippa Little and Little Miss Pippa. I interviewed Pippa about her new label.

 Pippa Little & Little Miss Pippa Pippa Little & Little Miss Pippa
 Pippa Little & Little Miss Pippa
 Pippa Little & Little Miss Pippa

 Pippa Little & Little Miss Pippa
 Pippa Little & Little Miss Pippa
 Pippa Little & Little Miss Pippa

Designer: Pippa Henderson
Location:From Sydney, currently based on the island of Bali, Indonesia

Can you tell us a little about the history of your label?
Very young! I have been a designer for 7 years, mainly in women's wear and maternity. It wasn't until I had my daughter (she turns two next week, and the model for the range) that I started sewing samples for Pippa Little. My daughter, Poppy, is quite outrageous and loud. The designs definately reflect her personality. Summer 2011 is our first collection and we have just delivered into 21 stores around Australia.

What makes Pippa Little & Little Miss Pippa different?
I paint my own fabric designs so I hope that gives the label a little edge. Also, I am a lover of quirky things and love it when my daughter turns heads with her outfits. It makes me giggle. Hopefully other mums feel the same way about dressing their girls.

What is the inspiration for your collection?
My inspiration is always about turning something nice and classic into something out of the ordinary. I will find inspiration anywhere and then put my spin on it. It makes me tick.

If you could pick an icecream flavour for Pippa Little & Little Miss Pippa, what would it be?
Easy. Rocky Road. With less nuts, more marshmallows.

What is your favourite thing about Pippa Little & Little Miss Pippa?
That they are brand new and anything is possible. I'm excited!

Thank you so much Pippa for sharing your sunshine-y labels with us. I can certainly see your daughter's personality come through in this gorgeous collection. I love the super-sassy sunsuits which only make chubby legs look even cuter. The tweens range is super-cute too. And I can only imagine that life's a little bit fabulous in Bali.

You can find Pippa Little and Little Miss Pippa in the online store and stockists around Australia.

For more great Australian-designed children's clothes, head over to Bondville Kids.


  1. Wow! These are beautiful! What a fabulous line and amazing mumma! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yay for sweet handmade clothes for tweens, love Posie

  3. Oh, I know an almost-4 year old who would go for these designs!


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