5 September 2011

Party Ideas: Just For Daisy's Rainbow Birthday Party

Blogger and creative Mum Rebekah from Just For Daisy created a fun bright rainbow-themed birthday party for her daughter Scarlet's first birthday. There are so many great ideas, including the Kit Kat and Smartie-topped layer cake, the amazing patty cake and streamer rainbow, layered rainbow jellies and playdough to take home.

Rainbow Birthday Party ideas
Rainbow Birthday Party ideas
Rainbow Birthday Party ideas
Rainbow Birthday Party ideas
Rainbow Birthday Party ideas
Rainbow Birthday Party ideas
Rainbow Birthday Party ideas

Birthday: Scarlet's 1st Birthday Party

Organised by: Mum Rebekah (from Just For Daisy) & Dad Chris

Location: Hosted at home in Wollongong, NSW

Theme: Rainbow theme (dress up)

Invitations: Designed by Hannah Sommerville of My Picture Garden.

Cake: Rainbow layer cake, made by Rebekah. It wouldn't be a Rainbow Party without a layer cake. I got the idea for the Kit Kat border and M&M's on top from a friend's Pinterest board. It's actually quite simple to make but very effective for impressing unsuspecting guests!

Party Food: We tried to stick with a rainbow theme throughout. Rainbow layered jellies, a rainbow fruit platter and rainbow sushi were just some of the delightful bites! Labels for the food and playdough by Hannah Sommerville of My Picture Garden.

Decorations: Fabric rainbow bunting made by Rebekah, patty cases and streamers. Being a dress up party the guests dressed in rainbow colours and became our decorations!

Birthday Girl's Headband: Rebekah made the headband using a 2cm rainbow ribbon and elastic with a 1cm rainbow ribbon layered to make flower

Tips: Use things you already own! We had patty cases on hand - I used these to make some rainbows around the house with streamer tails. We collected baby food jars and used these for the playdough gifts and the rainbow jelly desserts. If you're going to layer things like jelly or playdough be sure to plan ahead and allow enough time!

Something Special: We decided one year olds don't need lollies so we decided to make some rainbow playdough for the children's take home gift. Each had a cute little label which matched the invitations. These would make great Christmas gifts for classmates and are very cost effective - the colour options are endless and who doesn't love play-dough!

Get This Look:
Here are some ideas for creating a party inspired by the Just For Daisy Rainbow Party:

1. Multi-coloured Boat Streamers
2. Multi-coloured Balloons
3. Colour Flame Party Candles
4. Edible Sugar Sequins
5. Multi-coloured Polka Dot Party Cups
6. Cake Central Rainbow Treat Bags
7. Double Bubble Gumball Machine

Thanks for sharing Rebekah! If you'd like to see more photos and detail, head over to Rebekah's blog Just For Daisy here and here.

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Images: Just For Daisy


  1. Oh this is beautiful. Steph you are my researcher - will be stealing some ideas for my baby's first birthday next March. That's two birthdays sorted - given that I loved the princess party - some boys (8) and (3) next please? ;)

    Thank you!

  2. Brilliant Steph.
    My SIL is planning a rainbow inspired party for my niece and I'll be forwarding this on.

    Happy day Lovely,


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