26 September 2011

Morgan Wills vintage kitsch cushions

Oh how I love Australiana. And the more kitsch, the better, in my opinion. These totally cute cushions came across my desk today from The Crafty Squirrel studio and store owner Morgan Wills.

These cushions are fashioned from vintage linen souvenir tea towels collected by Morgan. They are backed with matching wool cashmere fabrics and three linen-covered buttons. Each cushion comes with a custom-made feather and fibre insert.

You can find them at The Crafty Squirrel in Ballart or the Morgan Wills online store. These cushions are one-of-a-kind and a limited batch so you'll have to get in quick sticks! (while you are there, check out the baby bunny blankets - very cool).

Images: Morgan Wills

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  1. What a great idea!

    Now if we could only find something to do with all those pillowcases my mum-in-law picks up for me at the opshop ... ;)


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