23 August 2011

Twice Designs handmade brooches and greeting cards

I met Sarah Bartnett from Twice Designs at an ABCD Meetup in Sydney this year and loved the typewriter greeting card that she contributed to the goodie bag. And then last week, one of Sarah's cards was featured in a Bondville kids bedroom tour. I had to find out more...

Twice Designs Camera Brooch
Twice Designs logo
Twice Designs eye chart brooch
Twice Designs bicycle brooch
Twice Designs alice in wonderland brooch
Twice Designs Owl button brooch
Twice Designs button brooches
Twice Designs champion card
Twice Designs elephant card
Twice Designs rocking horse cardSo on top of her fun old-world greeting cards, Sarah also manages to find time to make lovely brooches, cufflinks and scarves. Even better, many of her one-off pieces are made from recycled and repurposed materials.

I'm dying for the laser-etched eye chart wooden brooch. So fun and a great conversation-starter. Know any budding photographers that would love the camera brooch? I think I've now got birthday presents sorted for a bunch of my girlfriends.

You can find Twice Designs in the Etsy and MadeIt (Australia) stores. If you head over the online stores now, there are sales on, including brooches from $2 and buy-four-cards-and-get-one-free. For more information on the latest designs, head over to the Twice Designs blog.

Images: Twice Designs


  1. I love the camera and eye chart broach, how cute are they!!!
    Suzie xx


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