26 August 2011

Time For A Wedding

Yesterday we visited a rose farm! Then we proceeded to fill the back of Pops' van with 350 roses, all for my sister's wedding on Saturday, here on the Sunshine Coast.

It was fun to visit the farm and meet the rose farmers in person. I keep sneaking into my room to see all the roses sitting in buckets, waiting. Such a glorious sight!

The aspiring florist in me is a little giddy. Today I get to try my hand at bouquet-making. We had a practice during the week, so I'm feeling mildly confident. I think.

See you after the big event!



  1. Your room must smell beautiful! Have a great time on the day.

  2. love roses! especially white ones


  3. Do the pink roses in the third picture have a name? I love that shade of pink for my own wedding!

  4. Lovely flowers! I can't imagine a wedding without them. I love the colors and delight at their fresh scents.


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