25 August 2011

Party Ideas: Jonty's 2nd Little Man Birthday Party

Two-year-old Jonty had the time of his life at his Little Man-themed birthday party, complete with multi-layered cake, mustache chocolates, popcorn, and best of all.... mud!!!! These great photos come to you from Joyess Images.

Joyess Designs Little Man birthday party invitations

Joyess Designs Little Man birthday party cake

Joyess Designs Little Man birthday party popcorn and juice

Joyess Designs Little Man birthday party table

Joyess Designs Little Man birthday party table

Joyess Designs Little Man birthday party

Joyess Designs Little Man birthday party

Joyess Designs Little Man birthday party pin the tie game

Joyess Designs Little Man birthday party mustache photo booth
Joyess Designs Little Man birthday party boys in the mud

Joyess Designs Little Man birthday party playing in the mud

Joyess Designs Little Man birthday party goodie bags
Birthday: Jonty's 2nd Birthday Party.

Organised by: Mum Jess of Joyess Images and Joyess Designs (with the help of hubby Chad, of course).

Location: Padstow Heights, NSW.

Theme: Little Man - from birth this has been a nickname we've had for Jonty so it seemed very fitting that he have a party with that theme!

Invitations: Designed by Jess (Joyess Designs) as part of the Little Man Party printable pack.

Cake: Made by Jess - layer cake of choc and vanilla cakes iced with vanilla frosting. The word TWO on top is made from fondant icing left to set overnight. Jess made the mini bunting too.

Party Food:
  • Donna Hay macarons
  • Cheese and vegemite moustache sandwiches
  • Ham, mayonnaise and rocket moustache sandwiches
  • Moustache cookies on sticks made by me with fondant icing
  • Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting
  • Popcorn (of course!!)
  • Puffy Dogs (cocktail frankfurts in puff pastry)
  • Chicken and mushroom and beef mince pies
  • Banana lollies, Malteasers and pineapple chunks
Decorations: Little Man Party printable pack by Jess Walsham (Joyess Designs). The pack includes:
1. Editable invitation (4 per A4 page)
2. Blank thank you cards (4 per A4 page)
3. Bunting banner (3 designs)
4. Blank tented placecards (4 per A4 page)
5. Popcorn Labels
6. Drink labels (water and juice)
7. Blank tie-shape gift tags
8. Five round 2-inch topper designs (15 per A4 page)
9. Mini bunting/food flags (6 designs)
10. Photo booth sign
11. Photo booth props (3 moustaches and 1 bowler hat)

Pin The Tie On The Jonty Game designed by Jess. Jess used a mix of vintage and quilting fabrics for the bunting at the party but you can create this look using paper bunting flags from the printable pack. Black and white striped cupcake wrappers. Yellow striped paper straws.

Jess made moustache-shaped chocolates on sticks using a chocolate mould and melts. Some were milk chocolate and some were peanut butter-flavoured mmmmmm yum! The boys all received a Business Time Tee with the ties appliqued on the front and the girls received a Vestie Tee in girly colours from Joyess Designs.

Tips: Make sure that you can move your table inside if rain is threatening! Be organised in the lead-up so that you can actually enjoy the party as it happens. Don't over-cater! (something I have to remind myself of ALL the time) Especially for little kids - having a smaller selection of things is fine. Seriously, if the only food at the party had been popcorn they still would have loved it.

Something Special: The best part of the party was the mud! It was totally unplanned and could have 'ruined' the whole day, but for Jonty and his friends it was THE BEST! Everyone kept telling me they couldn't believe how relaxed I was with the rain and the mud, but really when you saw how much fun the kids were having in those puddles you were too busy laughing to stress about the decorations!

Thank you so much Jess for sharing such a gorgeous party with us. You might remember Jonty's bedroom that Jess also shared with us recently - what a clever, creative lady.

For more images from Jonty's birthday party, head over to Jess' blog. And for more great kids party ideas from real Australian parties, check out the Party Ideas category on Bondville.

Images: Joyess Images


  1. This is such an adorable party and I think the mud was the perfect touch! Love that cake and the invitations are gorgeous!

  2. ow so nice.. :) It looks fun.. Love it! :)

    Irene Wibowo

  3. What an awesome party theme for a little man! I love it!

  4. A really gorgeous theme and so beautifully done - I'm inspired! x Anni

  5. This is so much fun! Mustaches for everyone!

  6. could you tell me where they got his lil shirt? LOVE IT!

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments! Danielle P - the shirt is from Jess' online store Joyess Designs: http://www.joyessdesigns.com. Feel free to contact Jess directly via her site for more info.

  8. Steph..what a fantastic little celebration indeed..the moustache's are just too adorable for words..love it! wishing you a wonderful weekend lovely x


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