19 August 2011

Kids Room Ideas: Colourful, Creative, Shared Bedroom

Do you remember the gorgeous Fairy Face Painting 3rd Birthday Party last week? Well we are so lucky that Anni from Milk & Honey Photography has also kindly shared with us her childrens' fabulous shared bedroom in Sydney. Anni shows us how she has created a colourful, creative space that works for both her son and daughter. Truly inspiring! (All photography by Anni from Milk & Honey Photography).

Room: Shared kids' bedroom for a 3-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy. Main colours used are green, pink, blue, purple and red. I try to keep it bold in colour and mixed in gender.

Designed By: Mum Anni. And dad Matthew does help as well.

Portait: By Anni from Milk & Honey Photography
Figurines: Japanese finger-puppet creatures sourced on a trip in Japan (clay heads and paper bodies).

Puppet Theatre: K├Ąthe Kruse Fairy Puppet Theatre, handmade in Germany from Amelie's Room.
Toy: Bholu Creature - Frederick Elephant.

Top wall art: Given to me after I gave birth. It is a painting of a mum holding a baby and riding up a hill to show the struggles and beauty of motherhood.
Bottom wall art: A beautiful friend, artist Kate Siciliano, painted this of me during my first pregnancy called 'waiting' (she is holding a watch).
Zebra toy: Bought on a trip to Belgium - United Animals brand.
Vintage books: My childhood Enid Blyton collection.

Beds: IKEA Junior Beds.
Quilts: Made by Grandma D.
Chest of Drawers: Family antique.
Rug: Lambswool rug from Granny and Pa when our son was a baby.
Paint: Two shades of 'dirty coloured green'.

Toys: 'Lello' is the pink rabbit (Alimrose Design) and 'Raffi' the Giraffe (Mamas & Papas), both given to my daughter in her first year from two of her beautiful godparents, Kate and Paul.
Wall Block Print: From a gorgeous business called Little Hoot. They customise individual pieces and this was from my lovely friend Cara when my daughter was born.

Figurines: From the Mathilda's Market in Sydney.

Wall art: By Nikki Catalano.
Record: Vintage vinyl record of the Gingerbread Man from the 70's - mine!

Curtains: Handmade by my sister Kaz using fabric bought online from Duckcloth.

Assorted toys: 'E' duck - a birthday present for my son from his friend, Marek. Pirate money box from Paddy's market in Sydney. Soldier from Granny's travels. Knitted Boyle Industries monkey and elephant from previously mentioned generous godparents Kate and Paul.
Framed print: Sarah Barnett from Twice Designs. This print is a map of our old hood - Elizabeth Bay - and it has an old green car on it. We brought our son home from hospital (to this address) in a 1963 Green Valiant so this is a very special map for us!

Soft Toy: Max - handmade by neighbours for our son's 3rd birthday. Amazing!
Yes - so amazing. Thank you so much Anni for sharing this creative, cosy space with us. For more Australian kids room decor ideas, check out the Kids Room Ideas category here on Bondville.

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Images: Milk & Honey Photography

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  1. Love Annie's work and totally love her style! Thanks for the sneak peak into your personal style. I absolutely love the framed map with the little car. I am definitely going to borrow that idea for my little sentimental collection :)

  2. I love it!! What an amazing room, the shot of the two beds with all that amazing shelving above is gorgeous. I love the similar but different coloured quilts and the styling of all the bits and bobs on the shelves.

  3. What an absolutely amazing room. Nothing matchy-matchy about it, yet it works brilliantly. Lovely to see our fabric in action too. The curtains looks great.

  4. Always thought it would be so hard to design a girl-boy shared room... but this one is just gorgeous and works so well! Love the shelving too!

  5. So, baby number 2 is apparently a girl (we have a boy!) and they will be sharing. Just getting to grips with all the creative and inspiring ideas to be found online. Really like your blog and what you're sharing!Vx


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