11 July 2011

Winter 2011 Camelias

The best part about winter in my little corner of the world are the glorious camellias that flourish in our garden. We have all manner of fuchsia, snow white, and candy pink heads nodding heavily on dark green foliage. It makes the cold weather worthwhile. That is, until we had the genius idea of heading off to Hawaii for a little holiday. So I will miss you Camellias and will say see you in a week lovely readers while we warm up in Maui.



  1. Oooo...sounds wonderful, enjoy the sunshine in Hawaii!
    Suzie xx

  2. Hawaii ... Me? Jealous? You bet. However, I'll settle for the lovely camellias which hopefully will still be around when we return to live in Sydney at the end of the month. Enjoy your sunny holiday!

  3. Enjoy Hawaii, I will think of you whilst roaming the streets for inspiration in NYC.....Oh Loopy Mango I can no wait to see you

  4. Camellias are one of my favourite things about winter too - such pretty blooms. Enjoy your holiday x


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