7 July 2011

Sydney For Kids: Rouse Hill House and Farm

Come on a little journey with me to the delightful Rouse Hill Farm, a Historic Houses Trust property in Sydney.

Perfect for the school holidays, Rouse Hill House and Farm offers a great "Rouseabout" farm exploration tour for 3+ year olds that had our girls in raptures. They were able to feed the chooks, collect eggs for their pails, feed the cows, sit inside the old farmhouse, play coits, walk through the old stables and walk around the grounds with a super-friendly, super-knowledgeable guide.

I fell in love with the rusting machinery, old wood and sweeping views of the 1813 property. The house and farm are being conserved, not restored, so many items are left just as they were when the property was occupied. Beautiful decay.

Check the Historic Houses Trust website for tour information.

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  1. I really need to take my kids there. We have been meaning to for ages and it sounds great


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