25 July 2011

Red Chalk clothes for kids returns

Do you remember Red Chalk, the lovely Australian kids clothing label that I wrote about back in 2008? Well after a brief hiatus, Kate Perry is back designing and the offerings are even cooler. I'm so excited to welcome Kate back - she is truly one of my favourite Australian children's clothes designers. You won't find pink or purple here - just great bold, colours, cool unisex illustrations and fantastic quality material.

Kate has been illustrating up a storm in her Woodend, QLD studio with a whole new selection of designs. A fantastic feature of the Red Chalk label is longevity; the fabric quality is selected for hard wear and the cut of the clothes is designed for kids to grow into. Red Chalk clothes are importantly made in 100% in Australia - you'll notice the difference in quality. The Red Chalk range is sized for babies, boys and girls 0-12 years.

You can find Red Chalk clothes and accessories for kids in the online store. You'll also find on the site homewares (with more to come) and a link to Kate's clothes for Mum. (oh, and did I mention that Red Chalk supports the RSPCA?) Love it all.

For more Australian-designed fashion for children, head over to Bondville Kids.

Images: Red Chalk


  1. Love that any onesie. And love the graphics on their website too. Thanks for sharing Steph.

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