17 July 2011

Kula Jungle pressed flower jewelry

Here's a little something special that I've found on my trip. Joan Mercer is a floral artist and gardener who moved to Maui from mainland US for the good life - lured by the lush tropical climate and year-round growing season. During 20 years managing Protea flower farms, Joan unleashed her artistic side and has developed a beautiful form of flower preservation.

Using colour retention and coating techniques, Joan presses and preserves flowers from her own garden to make into beautiful jewellery and decor under the Kula Jungle label. Her range includes earrings, pendant-style necklaces and stunning Lei-style necklaces that are breath-taking. Joan also creates hanging pieces that make lovely mobiles for babies and big girls.

I was so happy to find a little piece of Hawaii to take home that I know I will wear again and treasure.

You can find Kula Jungle jewellery and art at the Lahaina art and craft markets in Maui on Saturdays. Keep an eye on the Kula Jungle website as it is developed. You can also contact Joan by email on jmercer (at) hawaii (dot) rr (dot) com.

Image: Steph Bond Hutkin


  1. So sweet, including the delicate fabric it's displayed on, nice styling, love Posie

  2. Wow...they look beautiful..off to check out her website!
    Suzie xx


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