22 June 2011

Sydney ABCD Meetup reminder

Friends, if you are in Sydney on 30th June 2011, please come along to the Sydney Winter ABCD meetup (art + blog + craft + design). We would love to see you.

Don't forget to RSVP for the fabulous ABCD goodie bag by 25th June so we know how many to make. All goodie bag participants will receive one on the night.

Find all the details and RSVP here on Bondville.

Image: Steph Bond


  1. Hi Steph, so bummed, worked just booked me on a flight up to Brisbane next week to help on an event - I was so looking forward to seeing you girls, will have to meet up soon! x

  2. Hey! I will be there that's for sure see yeah tomorrow girls. It's gonna be a funny day. :D

  3. What a lovely friendship that is. I wish i could have a get together like that.


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