22 June 2011

Kids Room Ideas: Miles' Nursery

Would you like to take a sneak peek into a real Australian kids room? Miles is the lucky young owner of this gorgeous room. His Mum Lyndall put much love and thought into the design, incorporating sweet bees with the blue and red colour palette. Thank you Lyndall for the generous information on the details of the room. I'm totally in love with it. These beautiful photos were taken by Jess from Joyess Images; enjoy!

Room: Miles' Nursery

Designed By: Miles' Mum Lyndall

Miles Wears: onesie by Purebaby and beanie by eeni meeni miini moh

Name sign: Creative By Name

Toolbox: My Grandad used to make wooden toys and he and my Grandma sold them from their shop in Sydney. When they retired I kept this toolbox thinking I would love to be able to give one to a child of my own one day. My family laughed at me because I was only 15 at the time but I have such amazing memories of time with my grandparents and the toys that surrounded them. The tools are functional but miniature so we decided to use this as a wall hanging rather than a toy!

Soft toy horse: Alimrose Designs

Coat rail: Originally from Treehouse but I repainted it in colours to match the nursery.

Backpack: Bobbleart

Knitted clothes: The soft blue cardigan was made by my husband's Grandmother before she passed away. She gave it to my Mother-in-Law for safe keeping. When we were expecting, my Mother-In-Law gave it to my husband - it was incredibly moving. My Mum made the little dressing gown, it is a miniature of one she made me.

Spotted red cushion: I made it.

Footstool: I made it.

Lamp and shade: The lamp was a gift. I found the sprout design 'Skipping Boy' fabric at Kelani fabrics and made the wall hangings, and Sue Jackson from Little Lighthouse made the gorgeous shade.

Moses basket: Baby Trenz New Zealand, stand made by Craig Preston.

Basket sheet set: Bubba Blue

Cot: Boori Country Collection

Curtains: My Mum made these

When I was pregnant with my daughter Holly (now 7) I spent months preparing her nursery. She was such a precious and unexpected gift. I spent hours painting a mural scene from the original 'Winnie the Pooh and some Bees'. It was beautiful. I had seen the bee chair in the window of a
Treehouse store and convinced the owner to sell it to me; it matched perfectly. When Holly was born I used the chair to feed in and as she grew it became her 'reading chair'. We sat together each day exploring beautiful books and reading stories. The chair became a symbol of the joy my daughter had brought me so when I became pregnant with Miles, the chair was the starting place for a nursery for him.

Images: Joyess Images

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  1. Ooo ... I'm getting all clucky again! Lucky baby.

  2. I have visited this room and it is even better in real life! Amazing! Holly's bedroom is also gorgeous. They have a very talented, creative, loving, and beautiful mum! H

  3. wow, I can't even fathom this is a real room! love that chair :)

  4. I love this room too! Yes that chair is something very special. Can't wait to see Holly's bedroom too (hint hint Lyndall!).

  5. Lovely nursery - that chair is the best! That's a very lucky and very cute baby!

  6. The stuff for babies are so cute, I would like to have some of the stuff when I got a baby soon. Maybe, I can have next year. :D


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