16 June 2011

Hip Products: Kimono Reincarnate

Kimono Reincarnate Kokeshi brooch
Kimono Reincarnate logo
Kimono Reincarnate Kokeshi brooch
Kimono Reincarnate art studio
Kimono Reincarnate Teapot brooch

Kimono Reincarnate Paper Crane Brooch
Kimono Reincarnate Rabbit Kawaii Necklace
After living for a combined six years in Japan, Melanie Gray Augustin returned to Australia and started her Kimono Reincarnate jewellery label to share her love of Japanese art, kimono fabric and 'kawaii' culture with the rest of the world.

Using combinations of vintage kimono fabrics, Japanese cottons, silver, crystal clear resin, bamboo and brightly coloured, and laser cut acrylics, Mel creates amazing brooches and necklaces to add a little Nihon-chic to your wardrobe. Many Kimono Reincarnate pieces are limited edition or one-off, so if you see something you like, best grab it quick smart.

I met Mel at a Brown Owls get-together in Brisbane a few years ago (remember me, Mel?) and have been keeping an eye on her work, but the recent launch of her paper crane brooch begged to be showcased. The crane brooches are laser-cut from sustainable bamboo, hand-sanded, and painted with delicate plum flowers to bring a little peace, love, health and longevity to the wearer. I truly love all of Mel's work, and I know my big girl would love those kawaii pendant necklaces too.

You can find Kimono Reincarnate in the online store, the Etsy store and at stockists around Australia. You can read more about Mel and all things Japanese and crafty and good over at her blog.


  1. Awww... thanks so much Steph! And of course I remember you :)

  2. this is so lovely! I would love to make a keychain out of it.


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