31 May 2011

Baby Essentials: Bondville Readers

It's time to officially wrap up the Bondvillle Baby Essentials series. I hope that you've enjoyed hearing from industry experts and maybe found something great to add to your own routine. I've loved reading your comments and so this last post is dedicated to reader recommendations for essential products for newborns. Enjoy!

Love Me Baby swaddle
I was given the Skip Hop changemat after having my second and it is FANTASTIC! I so wish I'd had it first time around, so much easier than lugging a big bag around. I would also add the Australian-designed Love Me Baby swaddle which I have also discovered with my second. It had been a godsend. With help from that my little guy was sleeping 7pm-7am by 6 weeks. It is an essential in my book!

Phil and Teds highpod
The must-have phil&teds highpod. The light weight easy to maneuver Bugaboo pram. The bamboo baby wraps that double as breast feeding modesty covers. I have been a fan of the L'il Fraser Collection wraps for a while, they are so soft and wash well. Love to buy them as presents. Rowan has one in every colour.

Nature Babycare nappies
I love the Nature Babycare eco disposable newborn nappies! Nice and gentle on baby's skin with sweet little love hearts printed on the outside.

Alex and Ant wraps
Kylie Reynolds:
FESS LITTLE NOSES, Australian-designed alex & ant wraps and sweet almond oil for dry skin.

Grobag sleeping bag
Karen Chapman:
Grobag sleeping bags - perfect sleepwear once babies stop being wrapped, perfect for bed routine babies know it's sleep time and keeps them perfectly warm all night.

Ergo baby carrier
Lesley Stein, Seed Landscape Design:

Amy Michelle Sweet Pea baby bag
The Amy Michelle Sweet Pea baby bag (mine is red). Any of these designer cot sheet sets, cot quilts and baby wraps, personally I LOVE the stars. And of course we couldn’t sleep without our Rockabye Baby lullabies, our personal favourites are Coldplay and Radiohead.

Ear plugs
Brooke Murphy, Tickets For Coco:
Ear plugs!

Woombie swaddle
Penny Harris, Trellis Design:
3 favourite products..... Australian-designed Woombie swaddle, Merino Kids Go Go Bag and Aussie Storksak nappy bags ♥♥

Jojo Maman Bebe sleepsuits
Helen O'Sullivan, My Little Angel:
Australian-designed Melobaby nappy wallet, Sudocrem healing cream and JoJo Maman Bebe sleepsuits.

hug-a-bub baby carrier
There wasn't as much out there when my girls were born however my hug-a-bub was a godsend. It was great on my back. They were both winter babies and loved snuggling into it too. My nursing necklace was great for my second daughter as she was quite the fidgety bub whilst feeding. It saved my nostrils!

Funky Feet Fashions
Georgie Mcinerney, Monkeys Over The Moon:
Monkeys Over The Moon of course ;) but my favourite things at the moment are the trousers my son has from Australian Furious Kingston my daughters gorgeous dress from Australian-designed Brusselsprouts and my baby's ladybug shoes from Funky Feet Fashions :)

Thanks for all your input! There are some amazing finds - totally adoring those little Funky Feet Fashions.

You can find all the interviews and recommendations from Australian kids industry experts here on Bondville. Please share the whole series with your expecting friends.


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