18 May 2011

Baby Essentials: Angela from KidStyleFile

It's the very last interview of the Bondville Baby Essentials series and who better to ask than chief honcho of the very popular KidStyleFile website, Angela Anderson! Angela is Mum to identical twin girls and has some great advice for you with her recommendations for newborns:

Favourite Wrap: Anything with two-way stretch! Australian company Vanchi make great ones!

Favourite Rocker: BABYBJÖRN

Favourite Change mat: I love the Melobaby mats

Favourite Mobile: Black & White Baby Bright Mobile. For more top 10 mobile picks, check out Angela's article on KidStyleFile.

Favourite Cot bedding: Australian-designed mill&mia. Beautiful quality 100% cotton and stunning prints.

Favourite Bath: Generic bath on stand with wheels - really saved our backs!

Favourite Nappy Rash Cream: A custom-made cream from our local chemist; nothing else touched it - it fixed redness in one nappy change: it was a miracle cream for us.

Favourite Bath Gel: Didn't use one, but did use AROMABABY Hair Cleanse on their hair :)

Favourite Baby Carrier: BABYBJÖRN

Favourite Cot: IKEA Gulliver - Nice and plain and converted to a junior bed: we had years of use out of these.

Favourite Pram: Mountain Buggy Urban double. You won't find a better pram for twins - you won't need anything else.

Favourite Nappy Bag: Babymel - there's a lot of stuff that goes with having twins and these bags can hack the pace.

Other: The Miracle Baby Sleep System CD. It was brilliant for setting the mood for sleep when our girls were babies, and still is! Reusable cotton squares for cleaning bottoms were indispensable.

Thanks so much Angela for some great advice; I'm right there with you with the reusable cotton squares for wiping bottoms. Please head over to KidStyleFile for more fabulous product ideas for babies and kids from Angela and her team.


And.... I'll be wrapping up the Bondville Baby Essentials series with reader favourites (that's you!). Please comment below with all your favourites by the end of the week and I'll compile them to complete the series. x

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  1. I like to think I keep myself nice, but a lot of the baby style stuff makes me a bit juddery. Too cool for school!! I can't imagine actually owning any of it, but I really like the KidStyleFile blog. I like to look! x


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