11 April 2011

Remedy Products eco-friendly cleaning products

I'm really picky when it comes to household products. I want something that is effective, that smells great, that is easy on the environment and my little ones, is not tested in animals, and... looks good!

Well I was thrilled to find the Remedy Products range of household cleaners recently, and so far they tick all those boxes. The products are made with Bluegum eucalyptus oil (I'm a total eucalyptus oil devotee), which smells so fresh, has disinfectant properties and can help to repel ants and insects.

And you know I'm all about the packaging design.

Created in Sydney, Remedy Products includes everyday household cleaners, moisturising hand wash that looks great on display in the bathroom/kitchen, a wool wash for delicate fabrics, a dog wash for your pooch, and of course Eucalyptus essential oils for all sorts of household spills. On top of their good looks, Remedy Products are non-toxic, biodegradable, never tested on animals, free from parabens and sodium laurel sulphates. Bulk refill packages are just another eco-friendly aspect to this great brand. And that housewarming pack is a must-have.

We found Remedy Products at the Orange Grove farmers' markets in Sydney, but you can also find them in the online store as well as at stockists around Australia, including Koskela in Surry Hills, NSW (keep an eye on the website).


  1. Love their packaging!!! and great product shots too.

  2. ooh, you know I love this stuff, too! haven't seen this brand yet, but I'm not averse to online shopping ... heh heh

  3. I recently blogged about this product - love it! I found them at Orange Grove too. Just love my saturday mornings at the market. I'm new to your site - it's great

  4. Kate - love the packaging too; that's what grabbed my attention at the markets. I want something that looks great on my sink!
    Amanda - I knew you would love it.
    Lisa - so glad you found Remedy too! Heading over to you site now to check it out. Thanks for stopping by and for the intro :)

  5. Lisa, what an amazing review! Folks reading this should head over to read Lisa's overview of Remedy products: http://www.brands4tomorrow.com.au/my-new-favourite-product-and-you-can-win-it-too/. Great to find your site too! (oh and you should check out Amanda's site Easy Peasy Organic. I think it will be right up your alley)


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