19 April 2011

MOZI mini - clothes and accessories for babies

I was beyond excited to open my email yesterday and discover that much-loved Australian design brand MOZI has launched a collection for babies. Always on-the-money, MOZI's new design includes red, pink and blue bunnies, leaping lambs, pouncing cats, ambling elephants, and other sweet animals.

Aptly named MOZI mini, the collection includes clothing (rompers, long pant sets, booties and beanies), accessories (blankets, bibs, wraps, towels and toy bags) and bath and body products (body wash, body lotion, massage oil and soap). I have a feeling they are going to fly out the door.

You can find MOZI mini in the online store.

For more great Australian-designed clothes for kids, check out Bondville Kids. You can read more about MOZI here on Bondville (fairly extensive reading!).

Images: MOZI

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  1. Steph....stop with all the cute baby stuff! I'll be bankrupt by the time no.3 gets here!!

    Sam :)


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