18 April 2011

Foodie Kids ABC magnets and cards

It's been just a few days since I received my Foodie Kids ABC magnet and card pack, and already my 3.5 year old tells everyone she meets, "A is for Apple, B is for Basil, C is for Carrots". Man, she makes me look good.

But I have my friend Amanda to credit who designed, photographed and produced these great products for kids. After successfully battling breast cancer in her early 30's, Amanda started growing, eating, photographing and writing about beautiful, fresh food. Her blog Easy Peasy Organic is a great read for its recipes and tips for living a simpler, wholefoods-filled life.

Brisbane-based Amanda has just launched her Etsy store Foodie Kids where you can find these great packs of cards (postcard/flash card/frameable art) and magnets featuring the ABC's of her food photography with handy tips on the back. The store currently stocks super-healthy A, B and C with all the other letters coming soon.

These would make a great gift for kids. After seeing these healthy, whole foods on their fridge or in their letterbox, here's hoping the little ones start asking for apple, carrot or (heaven-forbid) leafy green basil next time they need a snack.

You can find Food Kids ABC packs in the Etsy store online. Check out Amanda's blog Easy Peasy Organic for more information.

Images: Steph Bond Hutkin


  1. She always seems to have a good eye for this stuff. Been a big fan of the blog for a while - first time posting. Keep up the great work… I love your writing.


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