1 April 2011

Sydney ABCD Meetup Autumn 2011 - the best goodie bag ever

What a fantastic night. Thank you so much to the 28 (!) art, craft and design bloggers who braved the cool weather and Sydney traffic to come along to the Autumn 2011 Sydney ABCD meetup. I overheard lots of interesting conversations and a few collaborations in the works - looking forward to seeing the outcomes. Oh, and the goodie bag. Wow - no effort was spared for the fantastic goodie bag for those who participated. Want to take a look?

Stunning tulips from Jessica (Oscar & Ruby).

Pegs and stationery from Kate (Another Donkey Design).

Greeting card from Chantal (Chantal Vincent Art).

Stationery from T (Designed To A T).

Hang tags from Helen (Helen Edwards).

Fabric-covered button brooch from Kirsten (Lilypad Designs).

Coloured pencil from Jaclyn (Little Paper Trees).

Message in a bottle from Hayley (Little Pinwheel).

Greeting card from Vesna (My Little Jedi).

Stationery from Melinda (Paperklip Design).

Hershey's Kisses and 80's momento magnet from me!

Egg cosy from Britt (Stitchy Britt).

Lolly bag from Leanne (Mrs A In The Cove).

Greeting cards from Jenn (The Blissful Brush).

Freddie craft panel from Lisa (the red thread).

DIY greeting card and envelope from Manu (Three Lines And A Fold and Ruby Red Rocket).

And the most amazing children's clothing from the very generous Roberta (Rowantree Design). Thank you!

Thank you so much to the wonderful Lisa (the red thread) for co-organising the event and of course to all of you who were able to make it such a great night: Steph (Moobear Designs), Kate (Another Donkey Design), Chantal (Chantal Vincent Art), Saffron (Saffron Craig), Leanne (Mrs A In The Cove), Lisa (the red thread), Kelly (The Crafty Minx), Roberta (Rowantree Design), Melinda (Paperklip Design), Hayley (Little Pinwheel), T (Designed To A T), Vesna (My Little Jedi), Ana (A Touch Of Sweetness), Jaclyn (Little Paper Trees), Amy (Badskirt), Kirsten (Lilypad Designs), Jenn (The Blissful Brush), Britt (Stitchy Britt), Manu (Three Lines And A Fold and Ruby Red Rocket), Helen (Helen Edwards), Jessica (Oscar & Ruby), Sasha (Faint Impressions), Leo (Bongaloo), Bec (Honi Designs), Ditty (Ditmeister), Kamilla and Kareena (Little Originals).

Check out some candid shots here on the Facebook page.

See you at the Winter 2011 meetup.


  1. Had a great night! Thanks! The goodie bags were fabulous : )

  2. Steph, lovely to meet you! Your 'dance of the goodie bags' was a highlight!

  3. Hi Steph, I had such a lovely time with all the gals I met. I must get into the tweet I hear. Your pics for this blog were fantastic! Love it!

  4. Mmmm ... yummo. Just finished off my Hersheys Kisses. Thank you. Am finally getting through all the goodies from the goodie bag. It was such a fantastic night, not only was I inspired to meet such talented girls, I also picked up some really valuable info that will save me hours of research. Thanks again to you and Lisa.

  5. the night was awesome! I made two beautiful new friends, one that is going to stalk me for barefoot coffee!

    The gifts are amazing, and I am personally blown away by the creative bunch. I have a very happy daughter who has already put her hand up to make the easter card, the softie, and to pretty much have everything that is in my bag.

    I look forward to another excuse to get together!

    take care and thanks so much steph xx

  6. Steph, you are a wonder woman. Thanks so much to you and Lisa for organising. And thankyou for photographing all the goodies so beautifully. So happy I went last night, gives me so much inspiration to meet such beautiful, supportive,motivated peeps!

  7. Chantal, Helen, Roberta, Jenn, Hayley and Jessica - I am so thrilled that you got a lot from the evening and it was SO great to meet you all. Helen - I'd forgotten about that dancing business.... yikes.

  8. hi Steph - thanks again to you and Lisa - amazing night! When is the next one????
    Awesome goodie bag - i took some pictures and was going to blog about it - but you have done an amazing wrap up of it all - think i will just link to yours!
    I always come away from these nights so invigorated and full of ideas. Bring on the play dates, markets and maybe a "brown owl" start up in sydney's north shore!

  9. Hi Steph, thank you so much for last night and to Lisa also. Now I know where it is I'll be able to get there earlier next time...Awesome goodie bag!!! I got so much out of last night, Chantal, Melinda and Sasha (Faint Impressions) were all so giving of their time and hints and tips...helped me with some stuff I've been mulling over for a while!!T

  10. Oh Steph, I don't need to tell you how much effort it was to get there but it was worth every second! I only wish I had known sooner so I could contribute and nab a good bag hehehe... Next meet up for sure. Lisa's message board was a great idea too and a wealth of knowledge must have been collected. Big love Steph

  11. I had a great night. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful goodies. Cant wait for the next catch up xx :)

  12. wonder woman indeed - another amazing night, can't wait for the next one! x

  13. Thank you so much for organizing this fun night! It was great, oh and the goodie bag was divine


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