7 April 2011

Baby Essentials: Kellie from Mini Must Have

Part 6 of the Baby Essentials series comes to you from Kellie from the Mini Must Have blog; Kellie knows a thing or two about baby products, with two little ones of her own (Poppy, 4 and Oscar, 1), as well as scouting for stylish kids products for her lovely blog.

Favourite Wrap: I'm with Steph and Daniela on this one. Sydney-based Li'l Fraser Collection wraps are beautifully soft and stretchy and are pretty much all I used with my first child. Second time round I also bought lots of Sydney company Aden and Anais wraps as they are a fabulous size and come in a gorgeous array of designs.

Favourite Rocker: I did not have a rocker with either child but a friend of mine had the Baby Bjorn Babysitter and absolutely raved about it.

Favourite Change Mat: I love the Sydney company Isoki's Change mat Clutch from Sydney and have given a few of these to friends over the years. Great for those quick trips.

Favourite Mobile: I didn't really use mobiles with either one of my kids but I totally and utterly adore The Butter Flying cloud mobiles.

Favourite Cot bedding: Jacob and Bonomi, designed in Sydney, make a lovely range of cot linen, including a very soft and stylish cotton cot blanket which I currently have on my youngest's bed.

Favourite Bath: New Zealand's Ecostore baby products are super mild and gentle. I love the entire range.

Favourite Nappy Rash Cream: I always find that zinc-based Desitin cream clears nappy rash quickly and effectively.

Favourite Baby Carrier: I carried both of my babies in a The Peanut Shell sling for most of their first year. Although it takes a bit of practice at first it soon became the easiest and cosiest way of carrying my little ones. You can vary the carrying positions and can even use the sling when they're past the tiny baby stage. My husband also used and loved them.

Favourite Cot: We bought a Boori Classic Cot Junior Bed in white and have been super happy with it. It's larger than the standard cot size and converts to a cute little toddler bed.

Favourite Pram: We rushed out and got a Bugaboo Cameleon before the birth of our first child and although I love this pram I also have a Maclaren Vogue stroller which I love just as much. The Maclaren is especially great for travelling, is super-easy to use, and reclines so that bubs can sleep comfortably.

Favourite Nappy Bag: I've used OiOi and Skip*Hop nappy bags with my two children.

Thanks for such a great selection Kellie - some real gems in there. You can find more of Kellie's stylish finds over at Mini Must Have. And for more essential items for newborns, check out the rest of the Baby Essential series here on Bondville.


  1. Ohhh Lovely to see the lovely Kellie Guest Posting!!! Definitely an amazing Essential Baby list! Thankyou also for featuring the mobiles from Style Milk Shop!
    Wow made my day!
    Jen x

  2. Thanks for asking me to be a part of this lovely little series Steph.


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