1 March 2011

Hip Products: Daisy Doe crochet animals

I have so much respect for the crafty souls who can make gorgeous throws, cushions and woolen goodies using not much more than yarn and a crochet hook. Amp the hard-factor up a level and you get clever clogs like Sydney crochet hook-master Erin Matthews.

Check out these gorgeous soft toys by Erin under her Daisy Doe label. Inspired by the Japanese 'amigurumi' style, she crochets these super-cute softies by hand. Erin has a big love of animals and her softie collection includes a range of kill-me-cute bunnies, bears, reindeer and more.

 How about that Chihuahua. In fact, Erin's website promises a new range of realistic-looking toy dogs that I can't wait to see.

You can find Daisy Doe softies in the Etsy store. Follow the Daisy Doe blog to find out behind-the-scenes info and links to her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Images: Daisy Doe


  1. omg these are too cute for words!! stop by today for a fabulous giveaway from Mette! Open internationally too!;) Hope all is well! thecoolkidsblog.com


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