21 March 2011

Baby Essentials: Stephanie from Moobear Designs

Part 2 of my Baby Essentials series comes from Stephanie Robles of Sydney-based handmade kids fashion label-with-a-conscience, Moobear Designs. Bring it on Steph...

Favourite Rocker: Maclaren's vibrating rocker.

Favourite Mobile: Craft Schmaft Owl Mobile Pattern.

Favourite Nappy Rash Cream: Good old corn flour from the supermarket does the trick.

Favourite Baby Bath Products: Johnson's.

Favourite Baby Carrier: Australian-designed hug-a-bub for first baby (above left). The Peanut Shell for second baby. Handmade ring sling from Belly Bumps to Baby Hugs (also Australian-designed) for third baby (above right). (Ed - that's Steph modelling the ring sling.)

Favourite Pram: Phil and Ted's is my perfect pram. For toddler and newborn, two toddlers or just one toddler...

Favourite Nappy Bag: I made my own reversible nappy bag with all the pockets I needed and none that I didn't from a free pattern on MakeBabyStuff.com. (Ed - the same nappy bag pattern that Alex from Oobi recommended!).

Favourite Breastfeeding Product: Breastfeeding cover from Australian company KissKissHugHug ... stylish, light weight and easy to clean. The best gift I received for my third child.

Thank you Steph! Read more about Moobear Designs here on Bondville and head over to the Moobear website for fun children's clothes made using recycled fabrics.

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  1. That rocker looks super compfy! We went the old school crochet knitty looking one!


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