18 March 2011

Baby Essentials: Alex from Oobi

I started thinking about this series a year ago when my bub was a newborn - there are so many 'things' out there that you "simply must have" for a new baby. There is so much research to do - it can get out of control. So overwhelming! So I thought I would reach out to some of my friends who are experts in the kids industry for their favourite baby essentials to share with you all.

First up, Alex from one of Australia's favourite kids fashion labels - Oobi.

Favourite nappy rash cream: Almond Oil! Top tip that my friends who are mums swear by. Good for the ‘information vault’.

Favourite nappy bag: MakeBabyStuff.com Free Diaper Bag Pattern. I know it’s not something a new mum is going to get really excited about, crafting when she’s dealing with a zillion other things. But maybe there’s a nice nanna out there who might make one. I’d rethink that fabric and tart it up of course!

Favourite mobile: The best mobiles are those awesome retro Flensted animals. The whales are super cute and not too expensive.

Favourite bath products: Eco Babe has great bath and body products.

Favourite baby bedding: The Oobi baby blankets. I think they’re really beautiful and practical.

Favourite bibs: Our Oobi bibs! Beautiful patchwork fabrication, ribbon details, snap closure and practical towelling on the back.

Thanks so much, Alex, for your words of wisdom. You can read more about Oobi here on Bondville. Don't forget to check back here over the next few weeks for more essential items for newborns from people in the know.


  1. Great idea Steph - looking forward to tips for mum to be presents and the future!

  2. Remember how I mentioned I made my nappy bag!?! I used the same tutorial hehe... I modified it to my needs. Bubble still fits inherent Oobi baby nappy cover and Bear use to sport one of her monsters on his shirt. Great brand!!!

    Xo Steph


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