3 February 2011

Stylish Kids: Off The Peg

More gorgeous Australian-designed kids clothes for you today (found through the QLD Flood fundraisers), this time from Melbourne where Ebony crafts each piece of her delightful the Off the Peg children's label by hand.

These are fun, bright pieces for boys and girls sizes 4-11, in my favourite colour combo of white, sky blue and red. And throw in some dark denim and polka dots just to amp up the cuteness factor. It's all turned cuffs, ruffles (and more ruffles) and hand-finished details and 100% Japanese cotton fabrics. Beautiful work.

You can find Off The Peg in the Madeit Store (Australia) online and at various markets (check the website for details). Check out behind-the-scenes info on the Off The Peg blog and Facebook page.

For more great Australian-designed clothes for kids, check out Bondville Kids.

Images: Off The Peg


  1. Gorgeous - I love the ruffles, so sweet! Hope you're managing to stay cool in this heat Steph!

  2. I wonder if those ruffle dresses come in big peoples size!

  3. Love those ruffles too! They look like mini going out dresses - too sweet!

  4. Thanks for the kind words ladies. And thank you so much to Steph for the feature. I'm so chuffed!


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