17 February 2011

Hip Products: Goldenink ceramic jewellery

If St Valentines didn't surprise you with gifts and goodies, I give you full permission to treat yourself to something special. Actually, even if you did get goodies, go ahead and treat yourself anyway. Something like these divine ceramic and hand-painted jewellery pieces.

Goldenink is the collaboration of clever printmaker Abby Seymour and ceramist Katherine (Kate) Wheeler, based in Melbourne. They have just launched their new online store where they stock a range of their jewellery including porcelain bangles, rings, pendants and earrings that are utterly compelling and unique.

Each piece is handcrafted, painted and fired in their own kiln - wearable art. How deliciously amazing do those ink blue and white bangles look with the striped tee. And the sneaky yellow inner surface of the feather-like bangle pictured top.Everyone will be asking you where you found these gorgeous pieces.

You can find Goldenink jewellery in the online store. Shipping within Australia is free! Check out more behind-the-scenes info on the Goldenink blog.

Thanks so much to Tiel of Tsk Tsk fame for first pinning the feather bangle (pictured top) on Pinterest where it grabbed my attention.

Images: goldenink


  1. I just love the feel of ceramics so I'd love this, I'm off to check out, thanks Steph!

  2. Their work is beautiful. I love it all!

  3. Hi Janette and Chantal - it's all so dreamy isn't it. Would love the clink clink of those bangles together.


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