14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you! I saw this amazing cake on Pinterest (first pinned by the ever-so-cool Joy Cho of Oh Joy!) a few weeks ago and thought you would love it too. It's an amazing Red Velvet heart cake, made by I am Baker. If you're feeling super-creative, there's even a tutorial (promise to send me your pics if you make it). There is also a really lovely Valentine's Dessert Brownie recipe on the sister blog I Am Mommy - chocolate heart-shaped brownie covered in cream cheese and strawberries. If fact, there is a totally amazing list of Valentine's baking ideas on the site here. Drooooool.


Image: I Am Baker


  1. How on earth!? I'm going to check out that tutorial! x

  2. That looks amazingly delicious and difficult to make! Nic x


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