26 February 2011

Chantal Vincent art, cards and stamps

I was first drawn to Chantal Vincent through her impeccable taste on Pinterest. It seemed that I was repinning her entire virtual pin board so off I headed to her Etsy store to check out her art. What a great surprise to find fun, quirky lino prints, greeting cards and hand-carved rubber stamps.

I love rubber stamps - with a little paint or a stamp pad or two you have everything you need to personalise and make your own greeting cards, wrapping paper, wall art, tote bags and whatever else takes your fancy. Chantal has created some lovely fauna-inspired stamps and a great roaring lion book plate stamp for kids.

Sydney-based Chantal's handprinted lino prints art cards are also pretty cool stuff. The mixed tape is just begging for a personalised "Mick's Mix Volume II" scrawled across the front. The shoe print would look great above the shoe box/rack/jumble by the front door. The sea urchins are supremely calming. And how about the super-imaginative pocket knife card. Such a great guy gift.

You can find Chantal Vincent art, cards and stamps in the Etsy store. Check out Chantal's blog for more behind-the-scenes info (and follow her on Pinterest for her divine taste).

Images: Chantal Vincent Art


  1. Thanks so much for your lovely kind words Steph!

  2. Have loved Chantal's work for a while now - her lino-cut, moveable wing angels adorned our Christmas tree!

  3. I need a bigger house to house all this amazing Australian talent. Steph you blog and I buy.

  4. Great feature Steph. I am such a fan of Chantal's work and particularly love the swiss army card which i bought for my dad!


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