8 February 2011

Beetle Bugs by Saffron Craig

All-round sassy gal and fabric designer-extraordinaire Saffron Craig has released a fun series of designs based on beetles and bugs.

Saffron's daughter loves collecting creepy crawlies and her finds inspired these new "Beetle Bugs" designs that would sit perfectly in a boy's room or toy room. Doesn't the room above look amazing? I'm thinking bean bags, playtime teepees, and the perfect three-quarter length shorts for boys.

You can find Saffron Craig fabrics in the online store and more about Saffron on her blog. Read more about Saffron Craig here on Bondville.

Images: Saffron Craig


  1. I love this fabric, it is brilliant. I'm thinking about buying some because, would you believe it, my baby boy Joe's surname is in fact Bugg!

  2. NICE POST! I'm glad I found this blog!!


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