23 January 2011

Your 5 Favourite Posts of 2010

Last week I was compiling your favourite 5 posts of December 2010 for the Bondville newsletter the and thought it would be fun to see what your favourite posts were for the whole year.

You all loved the For Kids category - by far the most popular section on the site. Some of the bigger posts from the last few years were still extremely popular - the tissue paper pom trend (still going!), the Australian cupcake directory, Kristen Doran's matryoshka doll craft panel fabric (another trend that's still strong) and the opening of Donna Hay's general store.

But let's look at what you loved from new content that I was writing in 2010 while managing a new baby and a toddler. Here we go!

1. Bondville Big Girls' Bedroom: with a new baby it was time for our big girl to take over the guest room, and boy did she do it in style with a divine new quilt from Nanna and tissue paper poms (again!) hanging above.

2. Bondville 3-year-old Birthday Party: my big girl's pink extravaganza for her 3rd birthday. Everyone loves a party pic or two!

3. Hip Products: MOZI Cockatoo Lamp: I'm glad that you all love cockatoos as much as I do. I'm kind of obsessed. Which is why this lamp from MOZI is perfect for me.

4. Lara Cameron For The Wall Sticker Company: Last year The Wall Sticker Company were clever to partner with some amazing Australian designers and release limited edition wall stickers using their designs. I love Lara's birch tree design translated to wall art.

5. Hip Products: Bholu Wallpaper: Another clever company collaborating with Australian designers (and I'm all about that) is Porter's Paints who last year released a fantastic selection of Bholu-designed wallpaper for adults and nurseries. I have a small corkboard in our baby's room that I covered up with Majorie the Duck wallpaper in papaya. It's gorgeous.

Loved your picks! Let's see what 2011 brings us.


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  1. All great posts Steph - I remembering loving your daughter's birthday party when you shared it. I love her new quilt cover too - so lovely!!


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