20 January 2011

Thank You

Flowers for you! Thank you so much for having patience with me while I have had terrible technical difficulties with Blogger. This may even prompt a move over to Wordpress. I have been locked out of the site for over a week (and still am) but have managed to find an ultra-sneaky work-around so that I can edit and create posts again. Hooray! It's been frustrating, to say the least.

I'll now update the Shop The Flood! post with lots more fabulous designers donating goodies, time and effort to the QLD Flood appeal. In the meantime, I've been posting over at Bondville Kids (super cute ruffled bloomers and heavenly dresses for little girls) and Steph Bond.

Oh, and the flowers? The very last bunch of hydrangeas from our garden. Just for you.



  1. Possibly because I am a very basic blogger / blog, I have never had any probs with Blogger. I hope you get things sorted! x

  2. Come over to the dark side (WordPress, that is). You will love it! I've never regretted the move! ;)

  3. Steph, if you make the move I'm so going to use your wisdom to do it too! :( that you've had so many problems lately!!

  4. Maxabella - thank you; it's not quite sorted, but close I think.

    Em - I'm coming over.

    Amanda - I'm bring you with me.


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