24 January 2011

Hip Products: Ah-Tissue

Did you happen to notice the tissue paper poms featured in the Shop The Floods! auctions? The fluffy pom decor kits are from the lovely Daneve Frankish from Ah-Tissue (and also from Chicuff by Daneve - featured here on Bondville).

Daneve has done a fantastic job of making it very easy to add poms to your own event/house/nursery/space with perfectly pre-cut, pre-folded and strung poms in every colour of the rainbow. All you need to do is fluff (with accompanying instructions and practice pom).

Of course these flower-like balls look amazing at weddings and parties, but are also a great every-day decor item. Get yourself some tiny clear 3M sticky hooks (used for fairy lights) and pop them on the ceiling - it's really so easy.

Creative Daneve has taken the pom concept and run with it; she also stocks a range of pom celebration sticks, mini poms, doily poms, pom garlands, pom cupcake toppers (my favourite!), tiny poms for napkins, tables and wrist corsages, and her original pom paper art.

You can find Brisbane-based Ah-Tissue paper poms in the online store. Wishing you all the best Daneve!

Image: Ah-Tissue


  1. I've never seen pom poms on a stick like that, I love it and that photography is gorgeous too! Thanks for sharing Steph!

  2. They are just so dreamy. Spotted them in a florist in Woollahra over chirstmas. Now I will have them at my party this weekend.

    Also saw a site with insructions for DIY?


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