23 February 2010

Danielle Stewart's Handmade Wedding

I totally love this wedding cake. And I get to see a lot of beautiful cakes! This cake is from the wedding of talented textile designer Danielle Stewart (Danielle Stewart Design, formally Danielle Smeets/Of Paper And Thread). Danielle's Mum made the cake, Danielle decorated it with gorgeous ribbons and the darling cake topper was made by Ashley Anna Brown.

Danielle totally embraced the handmade ethic throughout her wedding including gorgeous paper garland hearts from Little Jane St, invitations from Poppies For Grace, and divine linen tea towels hand screen-printed with her own design that she made for guests.

For more images of Danielle's wedding, including an interview and wedding tutorials for paper cones and tissue paper poms, check out Wedding Ideas Australia.

Image: Nina Otranto

18 February 2010

Hip Products: Ruby Rosebud Designs softies

My lovely friend Kim was over for morning tea yesterday and came armed with a surprise for our little ones. A gorgeous Kim Wallace ceramic bird for our eldest and a lovely hand towel and this special owl by Ruby Rosebud Designs for our newborn. Thanks Kim!

Brisbane-based Ruby Rosebud Designs also makes a selection of lovely items for little ones including owl softies, soft cotton baby shoes, wall art, gorgeous dolls and owl doorstops.

You can find Ruby Rosebud Designs in the online store and at upcoming markets. Check the Ruby Rosebud Design blog for new designs and market details.

You'll also find Ruby Rosebud Designs at the Mathilda's Market this weekend in Brisbane. Here are all the details:
And shop online for kids products from great stores in the Australian Online Kids and Baby Store Directory.

Image: Steph Bond

12 February 2010

Hip Products: Leonhard Pfeifer Coco Mini Bar

My friends Karla and Leon are such a creative couple. Leon is blessed with the talent to create amazing furniture and Karla has amazing artistic vision, so the blending of their skills results in amazing pieces, like this Coco Mini.Bar by Leonhard Pfeifer.

The minibar is part of Leon's new.est collection of occasional furniture made specifically for compact spaces. See more info about the minibar (and it's launch in NYC's MOMA store) in my previous post here.

The limited edition "Coco" has been hand finished by drizzling blood red Chanel nail varnish over the white lacquered exterior. The colour is a combination of Chanel No. 150 Fire Red (the classic movie star shade) and No. 18 Rouge Noir (worn by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction). It's passionate, dramatic and oh-so-cool.

The Leonhard Pfeifer team are based in London but are back home in Australia for a few months to check out the local scene. I'm excited to see

Images: Leonhard Pfeifer

11 February 2010

Stylish Kids: cornflowerblue ORGANIC

You know I love companies that have great ethical practices - those striving for a carbon neutral environment, eco-friendly products, fair trade practices, social responsibility, etc. And I always get excited to find those companies that also have fabulous products for Mum, Kids and Home.

One of those is cornflowerblue who have a divine collection of organic cotton dresses and sleepwear for little girls under the cornflowerblue ORGANIC label. The Australian-designed clothes are made in India where workers are paid a fair price and manufacture the clothes in humane environments. In addition, the company gives back to communities in India through projects set-up and run by cornflowerblue, as well as supporting selected Australian charities.

One very special project that I'd like to encourage everyone to participate in (it's so easy!) is the Use It. Love It. Give It Back! program. Send your gently used children's clothes to the cornflowerblue headquarters where they will be distributed to children in need in India. The cornflowerblue team often pass by children in rags, and come across orphaned children and those in their English classes that are in desperate need. The greatest demand is for size 7-10 girls and boys summer clothes. Get the mailing details and more information here on the cornflowerblue website. The next shipment will be sent in early March 2010, so send your items soon!

You can find cornflowerblue ORGANIC in the cornflowerblue online store and at a selection of Australian stockists. Check out the huge January-February 2010 Sale on in the store at the moment - up to 40% off many pieces! The cornflowerblue online store also stocks a whole range of gorgeous pieces from other designers that are either organic, environmentally friendly or recycled.

For more Australian Kids Designer Fashion check out Bondville Kids. And shop online for kids fashion from great stores in the Australian Online Kids and Baby Store Directory.

cornflowerblue ORGANIC

8 February 2010

Stylish Kids: Oishi-m

I'm totally in love with the vintage-meets-Japanese-meets-denim duds from Victorian kids clothing label Oishi-m. Hip, unique, and super-practical for little ones.

Oishi-m (pronounced Oy-shee-em) combines delicious retro, vintage and kimono fabric with denim and cotton to create a practical and clever range for babies and kids. The current range for boys and girls in sizes 000-2 includes shorts and skinny-leg jeans with plenty of room for a nappy, cute-as-can-be shrugs, and t-shirts up to size 4. The emphasis is on layering and smart details such as the tummy warmer on shorts and jeans and cuffs that can be rolled up or down.

You can find Oishi-m in the online store (International shipping available and free shipping across Australia!), at stockists in Victoria and online and at upcoming markets.

The Oishi-m team have promised to send me some products to roadtest, so keep a look out here for a review of these cute products in the coming weeks. (update: review here)

For more Australian kids fashion, check out Bondville Kids. And shop online for kids fashion from great stores in the Australian Online Kids and Baby Store Directory.

Images: Oishi-m

5 February 2010

Bondville Big Girls' Bed

My big girl Sophie scored big at Christmas this year. First of all, I just have to gush about the incredible quilt that she received from Nanna. It's a custom-made quilt by Vicki Anderson-Bain (a friend of Nanna's) on the Sunshine Coast, integrating a gorgeous Kristen Doran Matryoshka Doll craft panel and the border of Red Letter Day fabric by Lizzy House. We gave Vicki a colour palette and she went to town creating this incredible piece. We'll treasure it forever.

Then there was the sweet Sophie wall art canvas that arrived from Mooo.com.au as part of a sample of products. Thank you Mooo! It fits amazingly well in her room. The wall art pieces are just a small selection of personalised products from Mooo including stickers, t-shirts, backpacks, invitations, announcements, and a whole host of other stylish goods.

And of course the favourite toy of the moment, Ruby Red Shoes, who arrived from dear Kate Knapp, the artist behind the adorable world of Twigseeds. Ruby is the real-life incarnation of Kate's drawings and is such a sassy addition to the room.

Oh, and the tissue paper poms are the leftovers that I made for Sophie's 2nd birthday party. I simply attached them to her bedroom ceiling with 3M Command sticky hooks. What a lovely sight to fall asleep to.

Thank you so much Nanna, Vicki, Mooo and Kate for all the lovely gifts.

Images: Steph Bond

3 February 2010

Hip Products: Embracing Motherhood tummy wraps

Sometimes people come into your life for a reason. I just happened to be outside and met one of my neighbours Meaghan and her husband walking their dog. We got talking, and a few months later after her son was born, she shared with me the details of her doula, who was an absolutely essential part of the birth of Michaela (thank you Meaghan!).

We also talked about tummy wrapping after having a baby, and all the benefits it provides, including reducing swelling, keeping those stomach muscles supported while your body works its recovery magic (especially for those with abdominal separation), and giving you confidence to go out and about.

It turns out that Meaghan runs a company called Embracing Motherhood, providing products and services to support new mothers. One of the key products is a fantastic tummy wrap. After three weeks of wearing a compression bandage from the hospital, I am so happy with the results of my post-natal belly and have just ordered the Tummy Wrap to keep the results going. It provides more support than my bandage as I can tighten it or loosen it myself, with extra "arms" to provide additional support around the middle. I'm hoping to reduce that 6 finger abdominal separation (diastasis recti) in no time.

I've seen a few other tummy wraps on the market, but it's great to find one designed in Australia. What a great baby shower gift, or present for a new mother. You can find the Tummy Wrap as well as other lovely products for new mothers in the Embracing Motherhood online store.

Image: Embracing Motherhood

2 February 2010

Hip Products: Habitat Baby nursery bedding

I was thrilled to hear from Carla at Habitat Baby recently and to be introduced to her lovely range of nursery bedding, designed and produced in Australia using gorgeous 100% cotton fabrics from around the world. I'm used to seeing nursery ranges from the US that include cot "skirts" and this is the first time I have seen this style here in Australia... and I love it!

The Habitat Baby range - which includes sheets, quilts, pillows and cot skirts - is sweet and simply lovely. I especially love the quilts which look gorgeous paired with both modern and vintage furniture and accessories. And apart from being stylish, the cot skirts are perfect for helping to control dust, and for hiding under-cot storage.

Carla also stocks a range of lovely toys and products for children's rooms that are definitely worth checking out in the online store and at upcoming markets.

Don't forget to shop online for kids products from great stores in the Australian Online Kids and Baby Store Directory.

Images: Habitat Baby
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