15 December 2010

Craft: Recycled Tissue Paper Pom Wreath Tutorial

Here is a quick and easy Christmas project that you can make at home *tonight*. I was trying to think of a craft project to make at home with my big girl using only items I had around the house. This Christmas Wreath is made using the same principles as for tissue paper poms (still a big trend) and only recycled/upcycled material. I think it looks pretty nifty.

All you need is a piece of cardboard (I used a mango tray), used tissue paper from all the presents that you have been receiving (I fished my crumbled tissue paper out of my wrapping paper stash), some old ribbon or string, scissors, a pencil and two pot lids (one big, one small). I even nicked an ornament from our tree to give it a little pizazz. Give it a go!

Images and Tutorial (c) Steph Bond 2010


  1. This looks SO effective!! What a great idea x

  2. aww steph such a good idea, will have to make with connor, i have done simular, with different coloured toilet tissue, and made a hiwiian lei........ xmx

  3. Thanks so much Belinda, Amanda and Marcelle. You are so kind. Hopefully easy enough for anyone to make. Looking forward to seeing pics of other wreaths!


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