26 November 2010

Weekend Wishes: Thanksgiving

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend. Our trip to the Hunter Valley was fantastic and we've got quite the collection of Semillon going on now (if you can call 6 bottles a collection...). This weekend is all about celebrating Thanksgiving the best we can (we're an Australian-American household). It doesn't feel exactly like Thanksgiving with this glorious warm weather and the native trees all in bloom, so we're going to swap out the turkey for ribs and have a BBQ. And maybe a mango salsa (aren't the mangoes incredible right now!). But there will still be pie. Oh yes there will.

We made our tree this week in under an hour (some pics to come). I hope you've been picking up lots of great Christmas ideas from Aussie designers in my Australian Christmas 2010 series. More to come in the next few weeks.

Thanks also to Bee from Beehive Designs for her kind words about Bondville on her blog Honey Jumble this week. Oh and I just got news that my dear friend Leon's amazing laptop desk is featured in the latest issue of Real Living magazine. Congratulations Leon! Read about the Leonhard Pfeifer laptop desk here on Bondville. Take it easy this weekend. And to all my American family and friends, Happy Thanksgiving!


Image: Steph Bond


  1. Question is - how long will your "collection" stay a "collection". Have a wonderful weekend Steph!

  2. That is exactly the question, Kate! Thanks for the wishes, you too xx

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