18 November 2010

The big reveal - our new chairs

It has literally taken us months to work out a seating solution for our living room.

With 2 little ones and frequent guests, we have outgrown our old 2.5 seat couch that we bought in NYC as a newly married couple. We were tossing up a new L-shaped couch, leather, fabric, occasional chairs... with the restrictions that we have another 2-3 years of toilet training to go and an aging dog. I knew I wasn't alone when I read about Louise's predicament on Table Tonic .

I tried eBay, I thought about a cheap couch, we looked at custom-made, and finally, after much talking through between ourselves and with friends (thanks Julie, Estelle, Paul, Linda, Mal, Geordie and Mellissa!), we decided to keep the old couch until toilet training is through, and get 2 special occasional chairs from a pre-loved source.

And so I found them. These two gorgeous Walter Knoll/EOOS 'Scoop 443' armchairs from a like-minded soul that needed a good home. And I couldn't be more thrilled. And I feel just a little bit more grown-up now!

Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin


  1. Oooooh my Steph - they are delightful!!! Nice work - and a wise choice! Life really knows how to throw those curve balls, huh?!!
    Thanks so much also for your lovely email.

  2. Great fab looking chairs! (Still think you should have gone king though!)


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