11 November 2010

Sydney Opera House Babies Proms: Music For Tutus

We just had the most lovely morning playing ballerinas at the Sydney Opera House. We joined a throng of be-tutu'd little girls to listen to the Babies Proms Orchestra and dance along with two ballet dancers (male and female) as part of the Babies Proms: Music for Tutus program.

The dancers were young and lovely and performed excerpts from The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake. The kids (including a few little boys) just adored it all. Miraculously they all watched patiently during the three performances, and then sprang to their feet afterwards for a mini dance lesson, and then lined up for photos with the ballet dancers.

The Mums loved it too. I had tears in my eyes. A really lovely experience.

(My Big Girl wears a tutu from Tutu du Monde).

Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville


  1. just gorgeous. love the photography. S standing out in the crowd :)

  2. Why thank you dear Lesley. Wait until our girls are in dance class. Yikes!

  3. Just found your blog while I was looking for a link to Music for Tutus for my own blog post! My daughter and I went to the 11 o'clock performance on Thursday. I'm glad I wasn't the only one with tears - it was so beautiful! I particularly loved it when they revealed the harbour as the backdrop to Swan Lake. As a visitor to Sydney it was such a memorable experience. Oh, and my daughter loved it too!

  4. Oh, I forgot to say that your photo is gorgeous - you did a much better job than I!

  5. Thanks Sarah! We were there at the same time. Send me your email address and I'll post you some more pics.

  6. We adore Music for Tutus! Ari has been going since she was two, its so lovely to see her growth and enjoyment as she gets older. First time I went I had a tear too, its beautiful x


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