17 November 2010

Hip Products: Puka Puka mobiles and jewellery

I met Nina Still from Puka Puka at the recent Sydney ABCD Meetup and just had to share with you her gorgeous contemporary mobiles for both adults spaces and for kids' rooms. These pieces are more than just hanging distractions for baby; these are works of art.

Inspired by the landscape around her, Nina makes one-of-a-kind elegant mobiles by hand using non-toxic recyclable polypropylene shapes, wool felt, plywood, nylon thread and polished stainless steel wire. Her hope is that her pieces will bring a sense of peace and tranquility to their owners (both big and small!).

The name Puka Puka comes from the Japanese term "an object floating gently in space". Isn't that lovely. Nina is not just talented, but clever too. Her Blossom baby mobile is designed so that your baby can view the whole mobile from below (so sensible).

When you see Nina's sculptural forms combined with clever colour combinations, it's not surprising to find out that she has studied architecture, printmaking and jewellery. In fact, Nina has also created a gorgeous collection of jewellery made using ceramics and felt that are equally as stylish.

You can find Puka Puka mobiles in the online store, on etsy, as well as stockists across Australian, NZ, Switzerland and the US. You can also customise a mobile to suit your space. Pop over and say Hi to Nina on the Puka Puka blog (let her know I sent you).

Images: Puka Puka

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  1. Very lovely unique pieces. I definately get the tranquility of the pieces


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