23 November 2010

Hip Products: Noosh modular sofas for kids

My eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw these amazing Noosh modular sofas for kids while I was checking out one of my favourite new blogs Table Tonic recently .

I mean, come ON, right? They are so so so amazing. We've had our own slightly painful search for a couch recently - wouldn't these be great for adults too?! The Frankie furniture collection consists of a corner, an ottoman and an armless chair that can be mixed, matched, stacked, configured and climbed to your childrens' delight. The pieces are covered in eight different gorgeous Amy Butler fabric patterns in 100% cotton.

Created by Tina Hutton and Sheridan Helft (who met at a mother's group in Sydney's inner west), the Noosh range includes the killer Frankie modular sofa, wall art, cushions and stickers.

Noosh cares about corporate responsibility and the environment too. Frankie sofas are manufactured locally in Sydney using new Variable Pressure Foam technology which is the most environmentally-friendly process for the manufacture of polyurethane foams, reducing air emissions, removing CFC's and VOC's and exceeding Australian and global environmental regulations. Three cheers for that.

You can find Noosh sofas in the online store. Check out the Noosh blog for new product developments and fun ideas. Thanks so much Louise for the heads-up. And congratulations Tina and Sheridan on your collaboration and great products. So inspiring for other Mums out there - you never know who you might meet at your mother's group...

Images: Noosh

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