9 November 2010

Australian Christmas 2010: Polli

Polli is another Australia company that never seems to fail with their beautiful laser-cut decorations (as well as their signature line of jewellery). The festive range includes Christmas tree table decorations and a gorgeous red wreath with interlocking leaves. I love the flat-packed decorations etched from stainless steel that fold out into 3D ornaments (perfect to pop into a greeting card). The blue, gold and red Christmas garlands are also fabulous, featuring six metres of red twine and tree, dove and olive branch designs printed and cut from 100% recycled card.

You can find Polli Christmas ornaments here in the online store.

Find out more about Polli here on Bondville. Check out more Australian Christmas 2010 ideas for holiday cheer.

Images: Polli


  1. Wow! Picked up my copy of H&G yesterday and commented to my staff about he beautiful decorations on the front page. thanks Steph I am almost done with decorating everthing from my tress to the doors and window, but keep the beautiful things coming.

  2. Hi Steph, I love these! Thanks for sharing :)


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