8 October 2010

Hip Products: Balloon Balls

It's not often that you come across something that's stylish, clever, entertaining, great for kids, practical, improves safety, encourages play and is handmade. And that's exactly what the amazing Balloon Balls are from Brisbane designer, physiotherapist, and Mum-of-three, Gretta (see pic above).

The Balloon Ball is an ingenious product made from pretty fabrics and finished with a button-hole-sized slot to insert a standard 25cm balloon. Blow up the balloon, and the 'ball' inflates. Tie off the balloon and you have one fantastic indoor toy.

Using her physiotherapy training, Gretta realised that the ball would move through the air much slower than a standard ball, making it easier for children to learn skills such as catching, throwing, bouncing and developing hand/eye coordination.

The Balloon Balls range includes the Original Balloon Ball for boys/unisex and girls, Baby Balloon Balls, and Balloon Football. Each Balloon Ball comes with its own list of fun, developmental games to play. How clever is that!

Kim sent me a gorgeous Balloon Ball as part of the latest Brisbane ABCD meetup goodie bag and we have not stopped playing with it since. My 3-year-old loves balloons, but they are not such a great idea to have around our baby. The Balloon Ball has come to the rescue and is providing endless, safe indoors play for us.

You can find Balloon Balls in the online store.

Needless to say, Balloon Balls was a hugely popular part of the Brisbane ABCD meetup goodie bag and won the prize of one month's advertising here on Bondville. Congratulations Gretta! Be sure to pop over and check out the balloon balls. What a great gift for any child.

Images: all images by Steph Bond except red/blue ball by Kim Wallace, pink/purple ball and bottom images by Balloon Balls


  1. Oh this might be great for kids that are scared of balloons too

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  2. What an awesome idea! How great would these be for travelling? They'd pack down really small and you could just take some balloons with you!

  3. We LOVE our balloon ball at our place and will definitley be ordering some more for Christmas Presents this year!

  4. balloon were always in my handbag as a 'go to' instant toy when my kids were younger. what a brilliant way to make them last longer and become a part of the decor.. not to mention safer!

  5. excellent idea, very original and fun

  6. We got one of these in our goodie bag at the ABCD meetup. Will has had SO much fun with it. They're a fabulous idea and beautifully made.


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