1 September 2010

Hip Products: South For The Summer headbands

I first spotted this gorgeous headband (top) at the Youngblood Designer Markets and now it is winging its way to my sister-in-law in the US. It is part of an amazing collection of headbands and alternative millinery by Sydney-based designer Jen McEvoy from South for the Summer.

Hand-fashioned from feathers and leather, these headbands are so cool and are quickly garnering a cult following, gracing the coifs of rockstars and hip teens alike. My friend Alischa has the Shelley band (bottom) which looks gorgeous against her fair hair. And I'm all about the purple Peggy feather band. Jen's headbands are a great edgy pick-up for an outfit that would also be perfect for Melbourne Cup. Always nice to have a hard-working piece in your wardrobe.

You can find South for the Summer accessories on Etsy and at local markets. Check out the South for the Summer blog for more details.

And if you are interested in more about Jen, check out the lovely interview over at the Finders Keepers blog.

Images: South for the Summer


  1. Always great to find cool Australia-based creatives. What a lovely discovery. Thanks.

  2. Those are so cute :) I love the purple shaded one!

  3. Carla - you are very welcome; we have such amazing talent here. Hopefully if we can support our own folks, we can help grow our creative industry here.
    RSA - great minds :)

  4. A friend (who is quite a few years younger than me) and I were recently discussing how old is too old to wear beautiful headbands like this??? Being in my late 30s, I think my days are pretty much done but I am off to check them out as they are perfect for my just 3-0 friend's going away present - pretty and easy to pack when you will be travelling for 12 months.

  5. Hi Christie - you should try one! I'm 3/4 of my way through my 30's. I think your 30 yo friend will love too.


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