13 September 2010

Hip Products: Daisy Lane gift and lifestyle products

Have you met Daisy Lane yet? For those of us who grew up with the innocence of Holly Hobby, Daisy Lane will take you back to denim flares, clogs and patchwork.

The sweet Daisy Lane character is the creation of illustrator Sue Adams who designed thousands of Australian greeting cards in the 1960's to 1980. Lark owner Allison Jones discovered a Daisy Lane painting in a local vintage store in Daylesford,Victoria, fell in love, and decided to bring the world of Daisy Lane to a new generation of kids, and re-introduce a treasured archive of Australian art back into the public domain.

Thanks to Allison and her collaboration with the Phil Taylor greeting card company, the Daisy Lane characters now grace collectible swap cards, albums, letter writing sets, retro sweets, posters, badges, mirrors and key rings.

I love the swapcards as much as my big girl, and am hoping for a whole range of Daisy Lane products, like the Holly Hobby bedding, embroidered art and dolls of my youth. Thanks Allison for taking a chance and bringing us something sweet and lovely for our little ones.

You can find Daisy Lane products in the Lark online store (and in person at the Daylesford store as well as at many retailers to come. Check out the Daisy Lane website for club membership and more details.

Images: Daisy Lane


  1. Steph I love Daisy Lane! I remember having little laminated prints of her back in the '80's (as well as the Holly Hobby wallpaper). Such retro loveliness!

  2. I had little framed prints too! Right along side my 'love is...' prints. If only I'd kept them all. jx

  3. Oh isn't she beautiful! This brings back so many memories! I had the Holy Hobby sheets!

  4. Kel, Jen and Simone - you lucky things! My Mum just pulled out for me the Holly Hobbie embroidered wall hanging that she made before I was born. I just have to have it re-framed. I'm thrilled!!

  5. I love Daisy Lane!!! OMG it brings back so many nice childhood memories... I had notebooks then, which are not Daisy Lanes unfortunately, but the illustration is similar.

    I can't explain the feeling it elicits from me but Daisy Lane drawings are ♥...


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